MIT’s Advice for Aspiring Superinvestors

Exclusive Interview with Seth Alexander, Joel Cohen, and Nate Chesley,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company

We had the privilege of getting a glimpse into the decision-making process at one of the world’s finest allocators of capital: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company (MITIMCo). In this Q&A with The Manual of Ideas, President Seth Alexander and global investment team members Joel Cohen and Nate Chesley share their process for identifying and partnering with exceptional investment managers. The team also provides invaluable lessons to emerging managers who aspire to become the superinvestors of tomorrow. In their mission to deliver outstanding long-term investment returns for MIT, Seth, Joel, Nate and the rest of the MITIMCo team seek to cultivate an ecosystem of enduring partnerships with no investment manager being “too small, too young, or too ‘non-institutional’.”

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